What a Driver

Let's talk about Lewis Hamilton. 'It's only because he's in the best car.' 'Lucky Hamilton.' 'Crybaby.' Just a few choice words from some Formula 1 'fans' after Lewis secured his 92nd win this Sunday during the Portuguese GP, an all-time record. Lewis has won more than 1/3rd of all GPs in which he's competed. And he's done so with multiple teams, driving for both Mercedes and McLaren. He did all this, while fighting against prejudice and outright racism, as so pathetically demonstrated by spectators wearing blackface during pre-season testing in 2008. That same year, a website dedicated to hating Hamilton was launched (and thankfully also taken offline), which contained gems like these:


‘Half-breed, kill yourself in your car.’
‘I hope you run over your dad in the first pit stop, Hamilton.’

All my F1 analyses have been about the skills contributing to resilience, as that is the reason I started studying motor sports. If I had to pick one driver who embodies everything that I know about resilience, and how to peak under pressure, it would be Lewis Hamilton.

What a driver.