Keynotes, workshops
& consulting


If you need an inspirational boost for your corporate event, or want to fire up your team during an offsite, I can help. I am an award-winning science communicator and experienced keynote speaker, able to bridge the gap between science and business. I speak on a range of topics, but always with a ‘brainy twist’: neuroscience is the foundation of everything I do.  My mission is to break stereotypes: science is everywhere, and it doesn’t have to be boring!

Topics on which I’ve spoken in the past include the future of work, business lessons from Formula 1, the human side of technological innovation, growth mindset, autism, stress management, mental health, education, gamification, hybrid working, and anything related to company culture. I am bilingual (Dutch/English) and I always adapt to what works for your audience. I make complex scientific subject matter accessible and easily digestible, using relatable examples and a lighthearted approach, no matter the topic.

2. Workshops


If you are looking for a trainer who brings subject matter to life and thrives on interaction, both virtually and in-person, I can help. I have more than ten years of experience developing workshops, lecture series and training programs.

You can find my current workshop portfolio below. However, I am constantly adding new material, and always open to (co-)creating new content, or finding original angles that work for your target audience.

Current workshops:

  1. The Science of Stress
  2. Embracing Differences (unconscious bias training)
  3. Time management
  4. Resilience (lessons from Formula 1)
  5. Growth mindset
  6. Creating a culture of change
  7. The science of behavior change
  8. The pitfalls and hidden talents of people on the autism spectrum


One of my main drivers is helping organizations, and the people in them, thrive. I can help build a strong, resilient company culture, using my research into high performing teams in Formula 1. I can help integrate culture into existing HR processes such as recruitment and performance management, using my experience in HR leadership roles. I can help you create a more diverse and inclusive work environment, using my neuroscientific expertise and knowledge of unconscious biases. And lastly, I can help you manage and prevent mental health related issues on the work floor, using my background as a clinical neuropsychologist.