Perspective Taking

Time for another Formula 1 GP behavioral analysis! This week's analysis is about this board radio. How would you respond if a colleague talked to you the way Max did? It may be tempting to say you would never accept someone going off on you like that, but remember that context is everything!

Max is in a car, going 250+ km/h. Only he can feel how the car is behaving on the track. Gianpiero Lambiase, Max’s race engineer at Red Bull Racing knows this. He also knows Max’s adrenalin levels are up the wazoo, and Max is a winner. About as competitive as they come. So this post isn’t about Max and his choice of words, but about the way Gianpiero responded.

He seems to know exactly what he needs to say to keep Max in the right mindset. These two seem to jell together very well, it also showed on the board radio during the 2019 Austrian GP when Max collided with LeClerc’s Ferrari. When Max came on the radio to say LeClerc turned in on him, Gianpiero immediately responded with ‘There was nothing wrong with that mate, nothing wrong with it.’

One of the most essential components of successful collaboration is perspective taking. And Gianpiero excells at that!