dr. Marcia Goddard


If you need an inspirational boost for your corporate event, or want to fire up your team during an offsite, I can help.


If you are looking for a trainer who brings subject matter to life and thrives on interaction, both virtually and in-person, I can help.


One of my main drivers is helping organizations, and the people in them, thrive. I can help build a strong, resilient company culture.

About me

I am a neuroscientist on a mission. I left academia a number of years ago to focus on building bridges between science and business. My specific expertise is work floor behavior: how do you create a company culture that allows people to thrive? For the past years I have used neuroscientific insights to help organizations grow. In addition to my consulting work, I was the Head of Science and Innovation at international recruitment agency YoungCapital, as well as Head of People & Culture at impact company Tony’s Chocolonely. Topics on which I work include diversity, equity & inclusion, mental health & wellbeing, recruitment, performance management, learning & development, and building high performing teams.

Many of my insights come from studying behavior and culture in Formula 1 teams. By combining my neuroscientific expertise with business experience in HR leadership roles, I understand organizational needs and requirements. This allows me to develop and implement holistic, comprehensive strategies, policies, programs, and interventions that have a direct impact on performance and results.

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